The Living Circle is an artistic research about permaculture, wild medicines, natural building and other solutions for off-grid & homestead living.

Acorn Power

Acorn Power I still remember the first time I ate acorns. They were cooked by the ember in this huge fireplace of traditional Alentejo/South Portuguese houses and tasted just like the most delicious freshly baked cookies I ever ate – sweet, slightly toasted with a nutty unique aftertaste.…


Gardening Three months have passed since we started this summer seasons garden, and we are starting to taste the delicious fruits of our work. Still, not everything is growing as well as we expected. It is interesting how last year in Austria we had a huge problem with too…

Living Circle

Living Circle This new chapter of YURAMIN is all about sharing our experience and integration of the magical cycles of nature, about our dream to live a simple life on the land and the journey we are walking towards it. The ancient tribes managed and still manage…

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