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YURAMIN was born in early 2020, when Diogo and Isabel met and realized that they share the same vision of a self-sufficient life.

A journey across Europe lead them to many inspiring people who were already walking towards healing and regeneration. Fascinated by their unique life experiences the couple felt the deep call to record their stories full of new and ancient knowledge about living as one with the earth in symbiotic collaboration.

May the Guardians of the Land podcast be a source of inspiration to recreate that green and abundant paradise our planet is meant to be. 

Meet the founders

Isabel Seda

Illustration, Photography

Isabel was born in 1994 in Austria and since she remembers she always loved drawing – It is her way to integrate the teachings of life and express her love for nature. Her deep wish is to serve life on earth with her art.

Diogo Quaresma

Audio Production

Diogo was born in 1993 in Portugal. He’s a self-taught passionate about art, culture and ecology. By recording other people’s life stories he found his inspiration to navigate through his own creative-life journey.

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