Living Circle

This new chapter of YURAMIN is all about sharing our experience and integration of the magical cycles of nature, about our dream to live a simple life on the land and the journey we are walking towards it.

The ancient tribes managed and still manage to live in a symbiotic relation with their natural surroundings without pollution or exploiting it – fully self sufficient, sustainable and emission free.
Their humble way of life/being holds a wisdom which we intend to rediscover. That is why we left behind the noise of the city and moved into a circular tiny home – a Yurt.
This mongolian nomadic shelter allows us to feel connected with the elements at any time, as no concrete walls separate us from the howling wind, the sound of the raindrops falling on our roof or the endless concert of birds and insect orchestras.

“ We are circle, with no beginning and never ending”

Rainbow Gathering Song

Having grown up with all the mindset and luxury of modern times, we are aware that this is quite a big step. This is just at the beginning and there is so much to learn.
And it is not just the returning to nature physically what we are talking about, it is a huge inner transformation as well.
Taking this step as a couple to live side by side on 20m2 sharing the sweetest and also the sourest moments & to plan the garden and cultivate the land together teaches us a lot about how to trust, love, respect, give space and communicate clearly with each other.
It helps us to become more transparent and honest as we have no chance anymore to hide from confronting personal processes and the daily challenges.
This path may not be the easiest one and many times we doubted if we would be able to continue team weaving the dream for our future – and future generations.
But our common vision is stronger than all the little troubles. We want to live surrounded by abundance  and biodiversity, to grow a happy, free and healthy tribe and find solutions day by day that serve not only our well-being, but the good of the great community of beings as well, that inhabits with us this incredible ecosystem and beloved mother earth.
We want to learn how to effiencetly close the natural cycles of food – compost – humus, how to manage water & recycle grey water, how to become more and more resilient and most of all, how to live together in peace integrating children and elders into a tribe based on love and trust.

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