Episode 12

Bee Wisdom
with Annelieke van der Sluijs

illustrated by @Agua_bel

14. Journey through the Amazon – Helder Valente Yuramin – Guardians of the Land

“The more we are able to connect with the bees, the richer our picture of the whole becomes.” 

Annelieke van der Sluijs

Annelieke van der Sluijs was born in the Netherlands and moved her life to Portugal many years ago, where she lives now in a lovely tiny house where she cares for several bee hives including the bees of Tamera EcoVillage. As a co-founder and holistic researcher of the BeeWisdom network she shares her passion and teachings of healing the relationship with the land through bees and trees.
We are grateful and honored for this interview, in which she is talking about her deep love journey with the “bee deva”.

More info about the project at www.beewisdom.earth

Musical Participation of
Romana Asherah (www.kon7638.wixsite.com/voicewisdom/about-me)
Gabriella Songbird (www.peace-trails.com/product/songs-of-the-dove)
Daniel Bornmann (www.flairdrum.com)

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