Episode 2

Nature Always Comes Back
with Anne Dinneen

illustrated by @Agua_bel

2. Nature Always Comes Back – Anne Dinneen Yuramin – Guardians of the Land

“Nature is incredible. Nature will always come back. It finds its way and so do we as a community.”

Episode 2

Anne Dinneen was born in Ireland and came to Portugal in 1998 as a single mother of two children, transporting a Tipi which was their home. Now she lives in a stone house on top of a hill called Picota from where you have a breathtaking view over South Portugal.
But what you see from up there is shocking. The once green hills have turned into a monoculture industry of Eucalyptus, which is sucking a lot of water from the ground.
This business was the reason for various forest fires which have burned down big areas of Monchique. Anne had to run away twice from the flames loosing her house and trees.

In this episode she talks about her life as a yogateacher who again and again rises up from the ashes to defend bio diversity and healing in this corner of the planet.

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