Episode 14

Journey through the Amazon
with Helder Valente

illustrated by @Agua_bel

14. Journey through the Amazon – Helder Valente Yuramin – Guardians of the Land

“For thousands of years people have lived in harmony with nature.” 

Helder Valente

Helder Valente is acting as a recognized permaculture teacher for more than a decade, researching & implementing sustainability principles in a wide variety of environments. He has been learning and working with recognized elder permaculturists Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, Sepp Holzer and many more in the major world climatic regions and we are super happy having had the opportunity to meet and exchange with him at Festança Permaculture festival in Portugal 22.

In this episode Helder shares about his journey to the Amazon jungle and reveals unexpected realities and challenges some of the indigenous tribes are facing to survive in these times.

More info about his project at www.newschoolpermaculture.courses

Musical Participation of
Luiz Gabriel Lopes

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