Episode 13

Seeking Truth
with Benji Paula

illustrated by @Agua_bel

13. Seeking Truth – Benji Paula Yuramin – Guardians of the Land

“We had nothing but love and confidence – this was enough. The rest comes naturally.” 

Benji Paula

Benji Paula, also known as Sister Benji or “Reggae Queen” has inspired us and many people to live joyfully with nature in a sustainable way. 

In the 90´s her partner and her returned from Holland to the countryside of Portugal without financial resources. With nothing more than love and confidence they managed to get some land and a ruin where they built up a healthy base to raise four children. Together they got known as the ONE LOVE Family, one of Portugals first reggae bands. Nowadays she takes care of the land by herself and frequently receives people who come to learn and experience her way of life – always seeking truth and love for the divine creation. 

More info about the project at www.onelovefamily.pt

Musical Participation of
One Love Family Band

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