Episode 8

A Common Land
with Yassine Benderra

illustrated by @Agua_bel

8. A Common Land – Yassine Benderra Yuramin – Guardians of the Land

“I feel that our duty here on this land is not only to protect it, but to develop it into an abundant ecosystem.”

Episode 8

Yassine Benderra is a passionate permaculturist, ecological activist and a healer. Together with his partner Joana they’re the guardians of a small piece of the land in the magical surroundings of Gerês, North Portugal. On their journey from the city to the country side, they found their way of living and working joyfully and connect with nature. Their duty is not only to protect the land but also to develop it into a regenerative ecosystem. In the last years, many other people have been coming to learn from their experience and knowledge.

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