Episode 5

A Common Wealth
with Monte Mimo

illustrated by @Agua_bel

5. A Common Wealth – Monte Mimo Yuramin – Guardians of the Land

“Everyday I look around and I understand why I am here. I can see that the lines of trees will pass the fence and that the land around will transform. I don’t see another way of surviving with this weather in this crisis.”

Episode 5

Dreamers of the oasis, lovers of life, experimenters of autonomy. Their vision is to create the conditions for family sustainability and thereby contribute to the lives of all beings.
They have been living since 10 years in a dry region of south Portugal in the middle of the Agro-Industry where they focus their energy on soil and landscape regeneration. Inspired by the principles and practices of Permaculture, they adapt knowledge to their capacities, style and specificities of the land. Here, mules are still used in the fieldwork.

The house is made of recycled and ecological materials built with hands, feet and soul.
In this episode we are meeting Sergio and Rita at Monte Mimo. A family with children and many happy animals. 
Welcome to an Oasis in the Desert!

Interview with Rita Asas & Sergio Correia
Musical Participation with Edgar Valente & Sara Mercier

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